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2021 Cookies with Santa

Domestic Violence Awareness Presentations

Domestic violence affects everyone. It is reported that more than ten million people experience domestic violence in the United States each year.

We provide presentations to emphasize the importance of not being an abuser or victim of domestic violence. We also ensure the community knows the warning signs of an abusive partner.

Sex Trafficking Presentations 

Sex trafficking is occurring in your neighborhood. Traffickers target individuals with specific vulnerabilities. Runaways and homeless youth are extremely suspectible because of their age, limited access to resources and the need for shelter, food and money to survive. Victims with histories of domestic violence, abuse, neglect or sexual assault are also highly vulnerable because of previous exposure to cycles of emotional and physical abuse that traffickers can manipulate.


We provide presentations to several schools and community organizations. We ensure that teens and parents can recognize early warning signs of sex trafficking, how to identify potential predators, understanding recruiting tactics, trafficking venues and social media etiquette.


You don’t have to suffer in silence!  

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