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Community Partners

About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) program that faithfully serves our community through educational programming and training. Our mission is to reduce the number of juveniles entering and returning to the juvenile justice system. We specialize in strengthening families and developing youth. Our ongoing programs include Diversion, Reentry, Junior Workforce Academy and COVID Relief.



We provide weekly sessions at Maryland’s Department of Juvenile Services (Evening Reporting Center) to  juveniles that have been introduced to the juvenile justice system. The mission is to provide juveniles and their families with effective strategies to end destructive patterns of behavior before criminal arrests and adulthood.


This program provides great value to our community. Several juveniles have ended repeated cycles of destructive behaviors and are productive citizens in our community.



We provide weekly sessions at youth detention centers in Maryland and Washington, DC. The mission is for successful rehabilitation and transition to the community and to end destructive behaviors. We include the entire family during this process.


Success on this program is based on juveniles understanding the importance of education, developing work skills to advance in life, having a desire to be gainfully employed and finding a safe environment to live upon their release. This reduces recidivism and improves public safety.


Junior Workforce Academy

We are determined to develop the next generation of career-ready, financially responsible citizens. The mission of the Junior Workforce Academy is to prepare our future generation to compete for employment and to  introduce them to entrepreneurship. We introduce workplace skills that employers seek.


COVID Relief

Keeping our wonderful community healthy and safe is a priority.  We have made numerous donations to homeless shelters and provided masks, hygiene kits, baby products and meals during these trying times.

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